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Monday, August 04, 2008

Get High Salary Job just visiting this website & following the instructions

Yes this website has already helped some professionals get a High Salary Job in Vmware Virtualization Technology. Many may feel Virtualization is a tough technology - yes it is until you learn it. It is a challenging yet exciting job opportunity to work on Vmware Virtualization career. Here is a website which is covering many advanced as well as basic topics on Virtualization. It teaches you about Vmware's highly succesful product suite Vmware Infrastructure 3. This website is available for FREE access only for TODAY & TOMORROW. Yes this website is getting lots of updates & the web developer (a friend of mine) is actually making this a subscription based service so people in future need to pay to access the website. Hurry up now & check out the details on the website .

Learning Vmware Virtualization technology is crucial even if you are working as a Storage technology professional.Because Companies/Business/Individuals who are implementing Vmware or any Virtualization need Enterprise Storage solutions. (EMC & NetApp hence support as well as evangelise Virtualization implementation heavily). Any company which thinks of a company wide Virtualization implementation needs lots of Storage products & solution.I heard from Dell/IBM consultants who sell storage that they always follow Vmware sales team once Vmware sales team finish their presentation these Storage sales people have a easy walk to close deals. Virtualization has been a huge boon for Storage industry for sure. Not just that if I think on a bigger picture Virtualization is going to be a widely applied technology in almost all industries in future since it saves Power(Electricity),Cooling costs,Datacenter space,Machines/Servers/Hardware/Networking costs - overall a huge money saver.

So it makes career sense & business sense for you to start learning Vmware Virtualization. Vmware company which is owned by EMC2 is the present leader of Virtualization market. Though Microsoft is giving a tough challenge along with companies like Oracle,Sun microsystems,HP,Citrix(Xen),Virtual Iron,Virtuozzo to gain a major chunk of this market share. But for next few years if you learn Vmware then you can get hired by any of these major companies. As an example the few professionals who got benefited by this Vmware training website have joined these other companies though they learned Vmware Infrastructure 3(ESX Server,Virtual Center,Vmware Consolidate backup).

There are few videos on Vmware & Microsoft virtualization & it may seem too technical at first when you start going through this website. But if you can replay the same videos & try to understand what they are saying. If you have enough patience to go through each of the Video on this website then you definitely can understand more than 50% of this hot technology called Virtualization.

Here are the links on the site take time & have patience since the website is being accessed by so many that the Video loading may take time. Also the website is under constant development/modification so pardon if its down.

VMware Customers on VMware ESX Server 3i how effective is it

Server Consolidation with VMware: Capacity Planner

VMware Infrastructure at Mallesons Stephens Jacques

Disaster Recovery (DR) using Vmware software in schools of Collier County

Interesting to see IBM Consultant talk about Microsoft Virtualization solution

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