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Friday, May 23, 2008

Hire a Virtualization professional worth $50000 easily Get Virtualization domain expert on your team

Yes a skilled Virtualization domain expert is invaluable to any company she/he joins. I was fortunate to come across a Virtualization technology professional who showed interest for being hired by any Big/Best companies. I'll call this person as "MSX" since she/he wants to remain anonymous for all others. "MSX" shared with me some nice tips about Storage & Virtualization trends then I thought I should do something in return for her/him."MSX" asked me few questions like :

Can this blog help someone like her/him to get into a new job?
Does this Storage Jobs blog have visitors/blog readers who are hiring consultants?
Do you get some headhunters coming & reading your blog?

These were very interesting questions & I said I'd love to experiment it. I'm not sure how many hiring consultants/recruiters/headhunters/career consultants read this blog but I'm sure that if I can write about her/his "Software Professional Summary" definitely she/he will get some real positive replies.How many replies do we get I would love to see.

So find below the job profile of this Storage & Virtualization professional who is interested in job openings. You can email me & I'll pass on the info to her/him as to who are interested to hire her/him. She/He prefers jobs in US,UK,Singapore. Read below her/his experience summary in her/his own words.(Definitely this is not me , if it were me I would have written 10+ pages about my job experience,skillset :) Just to impress the recruiter, she/he has written very less in my view :)

OK this is a serious professional with years of experience interested for a new challenging job opportunity.She/He loves US,UK,and also prefers Singapore job openings.

Profile Summary and Domain Interest

A VMware Certified Professional (VCP on VI3) and presently involved with design and development of new features and technologies associated with VMware VI3,ESX Server product line.I have serveral years of experience in Systems,Virtualization,Storage.

I'm looking for prospective opportunities in the "real world" implementation of virtualization technologies like VMware (and likes of Microsoft Hyper-V, Xen etc). I am open to being considered for different/varied technical roles and positions in this space – interoperability and testing, performance evaluation,development, design, implementation and consulting, technology comparison.

Core Skill Set

VMWare ESX Server 3.X– internals, configuration
VMWare Virtual Infrastructure (3.X) Suite
- I have sound knowledge of various components that form VMware's Virtual Infrastructure suite like ESX Server, Virtual Center/ VC server,VI client, vMotion, DRS, HA, Storage Vmotion, Service Console, Virtual Networking, Storage and SAN configuration with ESX, Security Features, Performance, Licensing etc.
- I have attended comprehensive and detailed training programs on various VMware VI3 topics listed above.
- I have also donned the trainer's role and have given training to various teams (especially Quality Engineering teams) on varied topics like
VMware ESX storage stack, SAN configuration, Troubleshooting ESX Server issues and Log diagnosis
Miscellaneous topics like iSCSI configuration with ESX, Building vSANS with ESX etc
Administration with Server Console command line options.

VMWare ESX Server 3i (embedded) – internals, configuration
- I have a good knowledge of VMware ESX Server 3i architecture, the embedded new generation ESX Server (bundled in firmware with recent Dell/HP servers)
- I'm trained on ESX Server 3i administration

Core work experience with VMware ESX server storage stack.
-I have hands-on experience with ESX Server storage stack - inclusive of the
overall architecture, various layers of the I/O path, VMFS concepts, snapshots etc, Latest storage array support, device driver layers etc.
Linux Internals and Device Drivers
- Prior to working with companies related to Virtualization technologies, I have worked earlier on block based device drivers on Linux 2.6 kernels and have relevant knowledge in the 2.6 Linux kernel internals.

Storage Basics – Fibre-Channel basics, iSCSI basics, SAN, NAS,
Being in the SAN/storage space, I have basic to deep level range of knowledge in the various storage technologies depending on the projects I have worked.

I would appreciate if you email roger ( incase if you are interested to hire me.

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