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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Vmware VI3 Training ESX Virtual Center Vmotion Training in Bangalore : 5 Days

First time in Bangalore Vmware Virtual Infrastructure 3 Training with Hands-On Lab Sessions.

You can search on for terms like
"virtualization", VMware ,ESX,ESX administration, Virtualization administration ,vmware qa, vmware testing , virtual server , Server consolidation , Virtual Infrastructure 3 or VI3 - all these job profiles you can try with the knowledge gained from this training.

Please email for registration as we have limited seats per batch.

This course is for new entrants in the Virtualization field who are interested in VMware Virtual Infrastructure product suite.VMWare is the market leader in Server Virtualization segment. Though Microsoft,Oracle,Citrix,Sun Microsystems are also in this Virtualization market recently but Vmware's VI3 is the clear market leader with more than 5000 Enterprise Customers. Demand for Professionals with expertise in Vmware VI3 is huge & the salary package offered to these professionals are really exciting.

Course duration is 5 days covering the below mentioned topics including Hands-On Labs. You will get additional hours to practice in labs after these 5 day training.

Many newcomers to Software Domain or System administration domain may be under the impression that 5 days may not be enough to learn Vmware VI3.But since you get Hands-On Lab Training & also get additional hours of lab you can definitely learn .You can also speed up your expertise on Vmware virtualization by attending additional theory/lab sessions.

Introduction to Virtualization
Introduction to Vmware products
Vmware VI3 Overview

1.Installing ESX Server
ESX Server Install
Planning ESX Server Deployment
Patching and Upgrading ESX Server
ESX Server Configuration

2.Network Configuration in ESX
Creating Virtual Switches
Virtual Switches types & their usage
Traffic Shaping,Load balancing,Failover

3.Storage Configuration in ESX
Supported Storage Types
NAS,iSCSI,VMFS DataStore Creation
Raw Device Mapping
Storage management

4.Virtual Center
Virtual Center Architecture
Virtual Center Objects,Inventory
Planning VC Deployment
Managing multiple ESX Hosts using VC

5.VM Creation (Virtual Machine Creation)
and Guest Operating Sysytem Installation

Creating Virtual Machine
Installing Guest Operating System in VM
Managing Virtual Machines

6.Security Configurations in ESX

7.Resource Management in ESX

Resource Pools
Restricting resources for Virtual Machines

8.Vmotion,HA(High Availability),DRS

9.ESX Monitoring

10.ESX Troubleshooting

Please email for registration details as we have limited seats per batch. Next batch will be started in the last week of December exact date will be notified through email to you.

Salary for these jobs are starting from 5 Lakhs per annum to 10 lakhs PA and above. But it also depends on your level of expertise,how well you perform in interview , what projects you have worked on & your previous work experience.

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