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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Love Story of a Software Professional : One girl can make a big difference in your life

Everyone has forgotten that a Software Professional is also a human . The whole environment around a Software Pro makes him forget his real identity & turns him into another code churning ROBOT. I too forgot that real people read this blog. One of my blog reader has sent a story from his real life that has forced me to post it on this blog though this may not be the right place for it. I am sharing the story from this Lucky guy just to spread the message of "Love & Friendship" .

One Girl changed my Life.
Yes a simple girl changed my life ,I was a nobody - I was without job, without direction , without any support ,without money & without any hope in life. One girl changed it all & made me realise that I can make wonders happen. She was the reason why I am a succesful person today.She was the only reason why I am still alive today. I wanted to share my story with none but somehow I want to thank her so much that I think this needs to be shared.

I was a guy from a lower middle class family .My parents struggled to get me some decent education & all they could do for me is pay for my fees till 12th class - I am really greatful to them for all that they did for me.After 12th when all my friends were busy preparing for professional career paths I was busy searching for a job. I joined as a salesman in a software marketing company for a salary of 3,000 Rs per month. I struggled to sell softwares but I did not succeed . I lost my job in 1 month & was finding it hard to manage my family & responsibilities.

Then came the angel in my life. I met her by accident as I was searching for a job . I went in search of job into a Book publishing firm & the manager was on leave. His daughter was incharge. I narrated my story to her & said how badly I need a job. I said I would do anything if I can get a job. She said "Even if you get this job how do yo think your future will be ? You are leaving your education & you may never be able to complete your studies again ? Have you ever thought what you will achieve after 5 or 10 years without proper education?" .

I said I have no option I cant think of 10 years in future all I can think of is I need to fulfill my duties today for which I need money & I need a job for that.

I dont know what made her take that decision but that strong decision has made a big difference in my life. She said "I will pay your salary even if you dont work But if you promise to be my friend & do as I say ?" . I was shocked about what she said . She said "I will pay you salary & bear your expenses if you study further & if you promise to rise above your difficulties? More than that I want you to be a good friend of mine & be good in this relationship." Saying yes was easy for me but the later days were not.

She chalked a very disciplined life for me:
She brought dignity in my life
She was the real evidence of dedication & I learnt it sincerely from her
She gave me the reasons to Prove myself
I wanted to win in Life atleast to show how much I appreciate her support
I wanted to make the impossible possible just to see her Smile 'cause she gave me the reason to Live
She showed me how important it is to have an aim in life &
above all she walked with me to support me in reaching my aim

She made it difficult at times but she sat with me & spent time to make me understand the importance of education & more than anything the importance of time.

TIME & EDUCATION : With proper Direction - these are the best gifts god has given in my life through my angel. I thank God for sending such an angel in my life & giving me the Best moments of Life where I learned how a man can grow out of any difficulties. I thank her in million ways for if she was not there I would have been nothing today.

I want to write my story & tell everyone that You Can Make a Difference in Someone's Life : if you really want to . If you dont care about anyone else atleast bring a difference in your own life for better.

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