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Monday, June 18, 2007

What others are searching for on this Blog: Salary,Sample Resume,Interview Questions,Job Openings...

I was curious where my blog readers or blog visitors come from. So i put a tracking code & see below what people search in google for(keywords they type in google) & which lists my blog as results. They click these results page & come to my blog. I can know only this part but I am interested to know whether they are happy with the content they are finding here. If not what can I do to improve the content, would anyone be willing to contribute articles,questions,knowledge base anything to help readers. If yes please email me (

Also I started a newsletter where in u subscribe by by giving ur name & email on the right hand top corner text boxes click the button , click on the confirmation email u recieve in ur email box. Then you are enrolled in my weekly newsletter in which I send out many FREE downloadable materials which are not published anywhere else. SO join now & keep reading my personalised emails everyweek. As s joining bonus u will get 100 FREE Storage Interview Questions in the first email itself. So hurry up join now.

So below are some of the keywords people search for on google & then visit my blog- so this makes me excited to write more & help all those googlers find right answers on my blog . Is'nt it interesting to know what others are searching for :) questions asked in a interview of it company
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